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why coach bina?


leadership coach.  Trainer.  hyPnotherapist.

motivational speaker.  


Your partner in building your dream team

Having clocked over 2 decades in every channel of communication - corporate, creative, media, along with the powerful techniques of a Master NLP Coach & Transformational Hypnotherapist, I have the inside track on getting people to shift gears and accelerate performance.

When working with teams and leadership potential, I transform your vision and key messages into an action plan they can take away and implement on their own. A humourous, culturally sensitive and neutral approach guaranteed to get your teams motivated, engaged and thinking. 

Be it through workshops, training or motivational speaking, I translate your vision into a tangible reality that your staff can relate to.

I'm your partner in ensuring your future leaders will be the best equipped to manage teams. And to keep your teams working together  with one shared vision and goal, as one lean machine.

here's what my clients say

“Bina Mathews has a natural talent of enabling you to explore your true potential.


With patience and grace, she helped me identify, after spending 9 years in the work force, what my priorities are in life and how they relate back to my morals and values.


Through her coaching sessions, I am enjoying my life more as I feel more confident and I am finally able to do the things that I want to do.


Bina helped me start a new chapter in my life and with her support I learned to carry a head full of dreams to reach for the stars!” 

I have worked with Bina over the course of three coaching certifications and she is absolutely brilliant.


The skill, knowledge and dedication she has is amazing and beyond words.


She takes an unbelievable accountability to deliver the best possible results for the client and will not rest until achieved.


Bina is an extraordinary human being and a very special coach, I loved working with her and the deep rapport and trust she builds quickly.


I recommend her at the highest level. The world needs more of her!” 


Sven Maikranz,

Vice President Global Fluids, NOV (and NLP Master Coach)

Alia Captain,

Fashion Designer

+971 55 4577984


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