Speaker, Master NLP coach & trainer

Experienced. Certified. Result Oriented.

The power of communicating with impact, the power of identifying your purpose, formulating the right strategy  and setting the right goals, these are my driving passion. My professional qualifications and years of personal experience working with the C-suite, heading teams and working with premium accounts in the corporate and creative sectors, combine to give you the perfect partner. Whether you are a corporate looking to train potential leadership, support executive management, amplify your teams' performance; or an individual who knows you have the potential to be so much more, but just don't know what or how yet. I'm the partner you are looking for!

I have a lifetime of  communication, academically and professionally with a Masters in English Literature, Degree in Journalism and Diploma in Advertising.  Accredited by International bodies such as Association for Neuro Linguistic Programing, International Coaching Federation and International Hypnotherapists' Association, I am a Master NLP Coach and Certified Transformational Hypnotherapist. My Clients  were able to identify and break limiting beliefs and behaviours, set the right goals and accelerate their performance, achieving their goals faster be it personal or professional.

Being a Certified Pranic Healer gives me the edge in building a rapport with clients quickly, as I am more intuitively tuned in to their energy levels and frequencies. This is also a factor that contributes to the pace at which shifts happen for clients.


Experience. Certifications. Skills.

An experienced and acknowledged thought leader in the development & delivery of communication strategies in various sectors and channels of communication - PR, crisis communication, internal communication, employee engagement, change management communication, journalism & advertising. Responsibility at the CEO & Executive Management level of large multicultural organisations to communicate the vision & mandate of the business within the company & externally.


MA English literature, BA Journalism and Diploma in Advertising, Certificates in Leadership and Communication Strategy, Master NLP Coach, Transformational Hypnotherapist, strong communication strategy acumen with leadership, project and change management skills; understanding of emerging customer needs with a passion for service excellence.


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